Big Ideas offer practical, real-life examples of projects which have helped transform the opportunities available to children and young people within the Opportunity Areas in the East. They offer other professionals guidance to help them overcome similar issues and problems within their own schools and/or settings and highlight the must-haves and potential pit-falls for successful implementation.

About the Big Ideas

In each Opportunity Area local leaders from the local education authority, schools, trusts, the voluntary sector, health and business set out the key priorities to improve opportunities and outcomes for children and young people. The “Big Ideas” on this website are the headline projects they invested in.
Sometimes we worked with a single partner to deliver a project across several schools, settings or areas and you can find the methods, case studies and evaluations for these.
Often individual schools, colleges and other organisations received funding as part of these Big Ideas to tackle a single issue in their own way; you will find the stories and resources that give key insights into their learning in our numbered projects through exploring the Themes below.

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The Opportunity Area journey

The Opportunity Area programme is an innovative strategy to place-based change, and in Ipswich, Norwich and Fenland and East Cambridgeshire we took a fully partnership based approach. You can find out more about Opportunities Areas programme and the original visions and delivery plans for Ipswich, Norwich and Fenland and East Cambridgeshire here.

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