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Our Approach

#928 Transition to primary school – Snack and story in the meadow – Early Years @ Highfield

What did we do?

For this project we linked up with our adjoining Nursery school and held school transition meetings with our local schools and teachers.

Summary of impact

We were able to give the children an opportunity to meet their new primary school teacher in a familiar environment where they felt safe. Teachers from all the local primary schools were invited to come along to our Meadow outdoor space and meet the children who were transitioning up to their school in the autumn term.
When the children visited their new school as part of the induction process, they felt more comfortable due to recognising their teacher from the meadow sessions.

Steps taken

We emailed all the local schools and made them aware of our meadow snack and story sessions. We invited all the EYFS teachers and their TA’s to come along and meet their new children and join us for a play in the meadow which finished off with a story and a snack.
During the meadow session the children were able to look through a selection of their new uniforms and look through a book of pictures of their new setting.

What would we do differently

We hope to continue these transition sessions during the summer term, we are looking at inviting local nurseries along to the sessions to build up new friendships between the children before they attend their new school.


Costs were kept low for this lovely experience as we were able to enjoy it on our own premises. Expenses did include staff time and the fruit for the children to enjoy.

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