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Our Approach

#928 Family Support – Highfield Nursery

Rachel Bailey

What did we do?

We set aside allocated time each week to support children with their speech and language development, completing Wellcomm assessments, meeting other Opportunity Area settings, attending online training and other sessions, plan and provide getting ready for school transition sessions to children leaving nursery for school.
Transition sessions have worked very well, the children have been able to come together as a school group, meet their teachers and play. The teachers and parents have found this invaluable as they have been able to get to know each other before school transitions start.

“Parents have been able to have weekly phone calls or zoom calls regarding their child’s speech and language progress, this has been amazing for parent partnership and most importantly the child, being able to share activity ideas for home and use tapestry to receive videos from home of the work they have been doing.”

Summary of impact

Having use of the online Wellcomm wizard to collect data and see clearly how our children are progressing.
Having the time allocated to speak with parents, work with children 1:1 and build relationships with teachers.
The whole school group sessions down the meadow worked very well and we will continue these and the relationships with the schools even after funded is stopped.

Steps taken

Firstly receiving in house Wellcomm training, getting to know the Wellcomm assessment, slowly building links with the local schools, planning the transition activities. Visit more settings linked to our nursery.

What would we do differently

Trying to plan in advance, making lists, working through lists, using all the allocated time wisely by building relationships and sharing knowledge with other settings.


We used some funding for snacks for our school transitions, we also used funding for transition packs to take home to help children get ready for school over the summer holidays. We also had the allocated time out of ratio to plan and implement.

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Highfield Nursery

Rachel Bailey