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Our Approach

#374 English Bridging Project – Lakenham Primary

Jade Sadler

What did we do?

I wanted to use the resources I had helped to develop for English bridging with other primary and high school English teachers.

I integrated the bridging project into the English learning sequence as planned after SATS.  Spread it over about three- four weeks on it throughout transitionWe used to incentivise the Y6 children to work on a really good show piece of their work to take to high school with them, post SATS.  It is a really good project to encourage he children to work after their SATs and answers the question, ‘Why are we doing bothering?’

We also expanded the themes of this project into other elements of our learning such as group reading and art.

We scanned the work and sent them to their new schools.

A lot of the children were really hooked by the local Hikey Sprite theme and the art.  They liked art so much we developed it further to create even more cross curricula links.

Summary of impact

  1. It was a hook to keep them going after SATS
  2. The outcome of the work was high level and they were proud of it
  3. They worked to the success criteria that merged both Y6 and Y7 expectations
  4. Their final pieces of written work kept to a high standard and the theme motivated them to work- both usually difficult to achieve after SATS in July!

Steps taken

We introduced the new topic via the themes in Macbeth they already knew from earlier work. They watched the videos which they loved! We created sensory cups in our school’s nature area to develop their vocabulary and making their consider all of the senses.  We used art and drama to create characters and act out their stories.  We used Small World resources to support conversations and settings development before they wrote it up.

What would we do differently

The plans we developed were generic so some time is needed to be taken to differentiate the work to your class specifically.

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