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#559 Thrive – Happy Tots Pre-School

Lisa Brown

What did we do?

After completing the Thrive training we have been supporting a small number of children with targets to support their wellbeing and their resilience. We have introduced a new coping corner for the children based on the thrive approach an area where children can go and its calm and an adult can be there to support.

“This makes my Tummy feel happy”

A little boy working on his action plan

Summary of impact

The action plans for individual children has worked well supporting children through different events and stages in their lives has really worked, giving us ideas to support the children to cope with strong feelings and being able to offer parents support. We asked the staff to provide feedback on how their key children are working on the action plan and what benefit it has been to the child. The setting has changed its approach to working with children to support building resilience and self-esteem. Also building the coping corner which has given children a safe place to sit read, talk and be together or be with an adult. An example of a target for a child was to make a book which talked about his feelings.

Steps taken

After the training, we talked about the approach to the staff and how we would implement it into our practice and what we would do. We talked about which children would be good to support and then I sat with key workers and we did the action plans, getting actions set up and resources available for the children and also for parents to implement and home, we then set up a system to work on the action plans and to review them and the progress 6 weekly, we also said about celebrating the success of the action plans with parents and children.

What would we do differently

I was happy with how things went but I would have liked more time to cover more children and also spend more time with the staff reviewing the actions.


The cost of training was cover by IOA but we have spent some money on resources which include craft resources and other resources for the targets. The other cost has been staff time which has been time to sit and complete the action plan and also time to complete the targets.

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The Pastoral Care Manager and myself went on a Thrive awareness course, one of the hour-long sessions, and came away convinced that was what we needed at Morland CEVC Primary School. It evolved from a wider issue concerning attainment and barriers to learning.

SWIM (Support With Individuals' Mental Health) - Westbourne Academy

At Westbourne, we had just created our own internal Mental Health Strategy called SWIM (Support With Individuals' Mental Health) where we had three waves of Intervention: Wave One is our universal offer including assemblies and delivery of lessons through our PSHE curriculum.

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Happy Tots Pre-School

Lisa Brown, Pre-School Manager