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Our Approach

#334 Evidence Based Practice – Lakenham Primary

Cassandra Williams, Headteacher and Judi Twani, Assistant Headteacher, Lakenham Primary School

What did we do?

Explored the impact of the use of the Leuven scales and Process Orientated Monitoring System (POMS) on children’s progress and transitions across the EYFS, Year 1 & Year 2.

Introducing inquiry based learning where children are given some autonomy over how they learn and what they learn, that has been significant. So it’s no longer been the teacher who owns knowledge and learning. It’s the children taking that ownership of it, which again increases their wellbeing.

Judi Twani, Assistant Headteacher

I would absolutely recommend using the well-being and involvement scales. We’ve seen a significant difference in understanding children, why they’re getting on, why they aren’t getting on, seeing if they’re comfortable, if they’re happy, especially during Covid-19.

Cassandra Williams, Headteacher, Lakenham Primary School

Summary of impact

Teachers now have a tool to assess children in the process of learning, Leuven Scales look behind the data related to academic attainment/outcomes and asks what we can do to improve the conditions for learning for all of our children – we now have a shared understanding of the importance of raising children’s wellbeing and involvement and a framework for addressing this. All teachers now use the Leuven Scales to screen children three times a year and have used the action points to make changes to their classroom environments.

Steps taken

The study initially focussed on the transition of children from Reception to Year 1 where the emphasis was on improving their environments. This was followed by a quantitative study of a control and test group from Year 1. While both classes were refurbished and designed to support child initiated learning and continuous provision, the pedagogy differed with one class continuing with a traditional teacher led model and the other class developing a more hybrid approach combining child initiative with adult led methodologies.

The two classes were then mixed upon transition into Year 2 and the screening was repeated with the results analysed to compare children from the two classes. Following this study the Leuven scales were planned to be introduced across the school to support both transition and children’s ongoing progress.

What would we do differently

Unfortunately the onset of Covid-19 and school closures prevented us from making the comparisons of academic attainment with levels of wellbeing and involvement. However, it provided us with the opportunity to train all our staff in the Leuven Scales, use them with the key worker children on site and then implement them across the school in September 2020.


The project was funded by the Norwich Opportunity Area. Please see the Evidence Based Practice Big Idea for more details on cost.

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Cassandra Williams, Headteacher & Jude Twani, Assistant Headteacher

Lakenham Primary School, City Road

Norwich, Norfolk