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Our Approach

#928 Family Support Practitioners – ABC Nursery

Amanda Goldsmith

What did we do?

FSP was a whole new role and we initially found the job description was rather woolly.  The practitioner will look at our Parent Partnership, Home Learning Environment and how we can best support this, Work 1:1 with some of the children who had been highlighted as falling behind following a WellComm assessment and or Resilience tracker. Finally a lot of time was spent on transition for our older children starting reception class 2021.

Having the time to dedicate to the FSP project really impacted on the service we have been able to provide for our families.  I liken it to all those lovely early years’ books by the likes of Penny Tassoni and Tina Bruce, who write about best practice for working in partnership, this last couple of years it has felt like we are providing best practice, not just sufficient practice given the constraints and boundaries we had to work with.

Summary of impact

Closer working relationship with parents.  Much enhanced and smoother transition into school.  Parents are happier to engage with the activities that we are providing for home use.  Staff have a better understanding of the needs of individual children through additional training and FSP support.  Although we have not seen any real difference in attainment, all the children left us with a good level of learning.  What was obvious from the work with the children was their love of learning and their willingness to give new activities a try.  They left us wanting to learn more and focused on the new.

Steps taken

We nominated two staff members to share the role of FSP.

These two practitioners work together to evaluate the service we were providing for our families and make changes to our provision.  They produced literature that went home to parents around the home learning environment.  They organised activities that would support transition.  They were instrumental in looking at ABC own home to pre-school transition and started to carry out home visits.

What would we do differently

We would like to have more feedback to gauge the impact of the role of our FSPs. We are planning to provide activities this year that will be sent home and returned so that the FSP can see which children will need additional support when going up to ‘big school’.  Our FSP are also more focused on the HLE and transition from home to pre-school.


IOA funding was used to release staff.  This then enabled us to have a designated members of staff in the role.  In turn meaning that the role was not just piecemeal, but practitioners could fully embrace the role to support the parents and children with in the setting.

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