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Our Approach

#928 Family Support Assistant – Happy Tots Pre-School

Lisa Brown - Pre-Schools Manager, Happy Tots

What did we do?

The family support role has involved lots of family focused training like thrive, wellcomm and Highfield tracker. The role has supported our children and families with home learning strong transitions into Reception. Children’s speech and language has improved with wellcomm and having someone who can work with the children on the targets. We have happy children and well supported families.

“The family support role has supported my son’s speech and language has given us some ideas at home on what we can do.”

A parent of a supported child

Summary of impact

Wellcomm has worked well in our setting as we have had chance to support all children and work with children who need extra support and sending and making resources to use at home. We had previously completed wellcomm but now we have targeted support and have made a folder which has interventions which we can use with all children. The impact has also been for families who have needed support with food or clothes etc we have been able to support them with food parcels and clothes. The support we offer has changed so parents feel they can come to us about anything and we can help. We ask for parent feedback every term to see what we can do better or different. We set up a learning library of books that children can take every day to read at home.

Steps taken

We were very well supported by Gemma then by Ben and nothing was too much trouble. We had great training and the chance to take part in great projects which have all benefitted the setting.

What would we do differently

The project has shown me that sometimes it’s the small things that matter to families and if you can just listen to them sometimes you can make a difference.


The role has been supported by the Opportunity Area and most costs met, we have had to pay for resources for home learning and have used fund-raising for these.

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Happt Tots Pre-School

Lisa Brown

Pre-School Manager