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Our Approach

#931 Improving Behaviour with Projection Education – Trimley St Martin Primary School

Julie Lawrence

What did we do?

Sourced and employed a private behavioural specialist to come into school on a weekly basis to work with specific children to help with attendance and behavioural difficulties and to support staff with further strategies, advice and tips. Private behavioural specialist from Projection Education. It was decided that having someone come into school would be more beneficial as more children could be worked with and benefit rather than sending only one child to a specialist provision

“I like working with Mr H and beating him at Uno while we talk about coming into school properly.”

One of our children.

Summary of impact

Improvement in behaviour/attendance was seen in 4 of the 5 children.

  • Child 1 – behavioural issues – child has benefitted significantly from the support of the behavioural specialist. Improvement seen in behaviour and decreased incidents of violence against staff and peers.
  • Child 2- school refuser – limited improvement was seen, has now been given a placement at a specialist ASD unit therefore although school saw no immediate improvement in attendance the pupil will be receiving education in an appropriate setting for their needs.
  • Child 3 – engagement and behavioural support – improvement seen with increased engagement and some joining in of activities and tasks with others with significant support. Numerous daily meltdowns up to six or seven times have decreased to one or two a day.
  • Child 4 – Family breakdown causing repeated lateness and behavioural issues – child is engaging in activities which are opening up communication links and the child wanting to discuss what is happening. Behavioural issues at school have ceased however repeated lateness is still an issue as is behaviour at home.
  • Child 5 – Behavioural issues – child was very dysregulated and unable to express emotions or feelings appropriately which resulted in lashing out and significant meltdowns and temper tantrums within the classroom. Improvement has been seen in the length of time taken to calm and regulate after meltdowns however reducing the frequency of these is still a work in progress.


Being able to have a behavioural specialist come in to school to work with children and staff has made a huge difference and been incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways; staff feel supported with behaviours they see and multiple children have benefitted.

Steps taken

Sourcing the behavioural specialist:

Email sent setting out requirements and whether it was something that could be done. Very quick response to enquiry and a meeting arranged to discuss aims and targets.

What would we do differently

If finances allowed have the behavioural specialist come into school more times a week so that more children could benefit.


Projection Education weekly cost: £180

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Trimley St Martin Primary School

Julie Lawrence

SEND Assessment Lead, Learning Behaviour lead, Thrive Licensed Practitioner & DDSL