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Our Approach

#931 Supporting Behaviour and SEMH to reintegrate into the classroom – Grange Primary School

Julie Robinson

What did we do?

I have worked with this family for a few years. Child X went to live with Dad, There has been many learnt behaviours from older sibling, resulting in time at a PRU, part time timetable and fixed term exclusions.

“Child X has thoroughly enjoyed their time at the alternative provision. Child X enjoys the adapted timetable, as they get to help with the younger classes in forest schools.”

Summary of impact

I have worked with this family for a few years. Child X went to live with Dad, There have been many learnt behaviours from an older sibling, resulting in time at a PRU, part time timetable and fixed term exclusions. Child X was discussed in our inclusion meetings and added to the action plan for my learning behaviour lead. Many of the interventions and strategies that were put in place for them worked for short periods of time while they enjoyed the attention and ‘different’ activities that they were doing in comparison to their peers. They thrived on being taken out of class, away from learning, but found it very difficult to transfer what they were being ‘taught’ – ie social skills/relationship building back into the classroom.

Out of class activities and interventions work to an extent as their behaviour is more manageable – there are less recordings of negative behaviour incidents when they are being supported doing an activity they enjoy. Engagement in ELS and other therapies often started off by them refusing to talk or open up – as time progressed and relationships were built they would start to engage more positively and there are some recordings of them discussing their feelings and emotions and they are sometimes able to reflect on how their behaviour may have made someone else feel.

They have shown some signs of empathy if they have built up a relationship with the adult supporting them. It was agreed child X would have time at an alternative provision one day a week for 6 weeks. An adapted timetable was also put in place and the THRIVE approach used. The adapted timetable has continued throughout the summer term even though the intervention has finished. Child X is also accessing counselling one morning a week, they go home at lunchtime to reset for the next day. Child X received star of the week for managing to stay in class and on task for the whole week which is a huge success for this child and the first time this has been managed in well over a year. There has been no exclusions since the autumn term and child X now calms quicker and is able to talk calmly to adults.

Steps taken

We met for our inclusion meeting to discuss the LBL role and action plan, child X was highlighted through this process and because of historic issues around behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

What would we do differently

Never give up, even on the most challenging days!


PLOT one day a week £980. A referral was made to PLOT, child X then went to visit with parent. Adapted timetable put in place, afternoons out of class doing different activities with a member of the inclusion team.

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