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Our Approach

#928 ELKLAN – Highfield

What did we do?

I completed the Elkan training Level 3 and level 4 and successfully gained “Communication friendly status” for our setting.

“Completing this course has made me rethink of how I support children with their communication, I now think of the “Ten second rule” when waiting for the children to answer my questions etc.”

Summary of impact

During late 2019, 2020 and 2021 I completed Level 3 and level 4 of the Elklan training. This enabled us to gain Communication friendly Status for our setting.
After completing level 3, I was able to cascade the learning down through my team during team meetings and in practice. This training enabled me to support our teams understanding of the stages and systems of Elklan.
As a result of this training we have been able to offer support for individual and groups of children. As a setting we gained a greater understanding of the communication process and have been able to use this in our practice.

Steps taken

I began with attending training sessions and completing various Elkan tasks and building up a portfolio, these sessions moved on to virtual sessions as we moved through 2020/2021.
In Early 2021 I was able to meet up with my buddy setting where we were able to perform an audit for both our settings and celebrate our achievements and progression through the Elklan portfolio.
As we moved through the year we were able to virtually visit and view each other’s settings and complete and sign off our audits.
In January 2022 we successfully completed and achieved “Communication Friendly Status.”


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