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#311 Embedding Thrive – Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior School

Anna Catlin, Assistant Headteacher, Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior School

What did we do?

Anna Catlin, Assistant Headteacher at Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior School, talks about how they have embedded the Thrive approach and created a Thrive Hub.

See how others have implemented this Big Idea

Norwich Inclusion Charter - Boudica Schools Trust

I have been involved in the Norwich Opportunity Area Inclusion Charter project from the start, firstly as a Norwich head teacher, then as a CEO of a small Trust and now Director of Education at a larger Trust with primary and secondary schools in Norwich.

Setting Up a Young Carers Network - Mile Cross Primary School

Over the last couple of years we have established a Young Carers network at Mile Cross Primary School. Our Young Carers Group, ‘Creative Carers’ meets regularly for planned activity sessions.

Implementing the Thrive approach - The Free School Norwich

School staff underwent training in the Thrive approach and Senior Leadership Team Thrive training funded by the Norwich Opportunity Area (NOA) and then implemented the Thrive approach at The Free School Norwich to benefit the emotional and social needs of its pupils.


Anna Catlin, Assistant Headteacher

Nelson Infant School, Northumberland St

Norwich, Norfolk