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Our Approach

#393 EYFS Emotional Literacy Through Outdoor Art – Morland Primary and Arts Eat with the Nest Project

Sam Thorpe

What did we do?

Our project was delivered by ‘The Nest Project’ who came to our school site to deliver 4 sessions on environmental outdoor art. We were able to use a wooded area for the project. This allowed us to reach 80 children. Their parents were invited to join and around 20 took us up on the offer. Each session was a carousel of activities focused upon emotional literacy – planned vocabulary was delivered and children has to opportunity to talk about their feeling and the idea of being safe. Activities included creating a collaborative nest, dens, bug houses, shelters for toys and clay creatures to hide safely in the woods.

80 children were able to access the project, 20 parents attended over the 4 sessions and 10 members of staff. We will also be able to include future children using the skills the staff learned during the project.

Summary of impact

This was a positive opportunity for the children to reflect on their emotions, and think about the vocabulary used when sharing them with other. children also has to opportunity to think about helping others to feel safe and secure. We were able to invite parents into the project. This supports our relationships with the parents, gave them the opportunity to share a learning experience with their child and gave them an opportunity to talk to and listen to their child. Our staff have learnt ideas, activities and skills which they can repeat for our next cohort of children.

We have as a school learnt about ways we can get children talking away from the classroom, in a creative manner. We feel the whole project went well, we reached lots of children and families.

We will look to recreate to project again within school.

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