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#931 The Learning Behaviour Lead role – Ravenswood Primary School

Frankie Oxley

What did we do?

I have adapted the plan to meet the changing challenges facing our setting this year, e.g. 2 interim headteachers, reduced and changing SLT, significant staff absence at all levels, resulting in increased social, emotional and behavioural needs. Due to the restrictions with staffing in our setting and being unable to order the resources immediately, I have spent the majority of this year utilising the training that I have received on the Thursday LBL sessions with the 5 pillars of learning as well as extra training, resources and discounts sent via those tutors (e.g.: inclusive solutions – Circle Of Friends, Restorative Justice etc) I have been able to build up rapport with students and work with them and their adults to implement strategies to enable them to join their peers in class and complete their learning with an individualistic approach.

“I have noticed an enormous impact around the school of the LBL training. Frankie works with a range of children, with a range of needs, but the common theme is her ability to help them regulate, think about their choices and move forward from challenging moments”

Mr Stephen Plume – Interim Deputy Headteacher.

Summary of impact

The vast range of training I have received has enabled me to work with a range of children from those with an EHCP, SEMH needs to learnt behaviours and those affected by Covid-19, improving their behaviour, engagement, learning and wellbeing and in turn reducing disruption to the learning of others.

We had child 9 who would refuse to enter the classroom and when approached would take off their shoes, running around the corridors screaming and shouting, this child now is mostly back in class throughout the day, has had no recent incidents of verbal or physical aggressive behaviours and is completing work to a good standard, they even completed SATs and PUMA/PIRA assessments with minimal adult support.

There is also child 13 who had begun to have regular incidents of dysregulation where whole classes who have to leave their class. This child has also had no recent incidents, those that have occurred have been very low-level and the child has been able to talk it through with me and continue on their day in a calm manner.

The training has definitely been a success which can be shown through the staff perception questionnaires that are sent out at the end of every term, almost all children on the action plan have seen a reduction in either exiting class, incidents of verbal and physical aggression or less adverse behaviours displayed. In addition the LBL role will be my sole role for the next academic year, I will be working with more children using my knowledge from the training for interventions right across KS1 and KS2.

Steps taken

The initial plan was to train two TA’s to become ELSA’s and two TA’s to become emotional coaches, then pay for a play therapist for two of our children, however due to staffing issues and other factors we had been unable to do so in the timeframe I had originally planned for on the action plan, therefore I utilised the training I had received and begun working with certain children who were most in need of those types of interventions immediately. I did so by first building up a rapport and asking appropriate adults questions about each child in order for me to put appropriate and individual strategies in place, I then put those in place. For some children that would be drop in sessions during the day with social story interventions and others by working 1:1 with them. For those I worked 1:1 with, I was able to adjust the strategies to what was needed so other adults were able to work with those children using those strategies, enabling me to come away from being a 1:1 and move to having a ’team around’ the children so that I could be released to begin working with other children.

What would we do differently

Although my role as an LBL got off to a bumpy start due to circumstances out of my control, It did take some time for me to use my voice – to be able to request meetings to put strategies in place and give my opinion on certain children and situations. I wish I had more confidence in implementing the training I had received sooner. The LBL course is an incredible and much needed opportunity, it has shown to have huge success within my setting. This positive impact is a firm foundation to build on, to increase capacity and impact in the future.

Resources required

There was no cost as such as the training I received was within the funded course, however to successfully implement the training it would need at least 1 member of staff. There also needs to be time allocated for gathering resources, intervention/report writing and meeting with other appropriate adults.

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Ravenswood Primary School

Frankie Oxley

Learning Behaviour Lead