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Improving Social Mobility - The Opportunity Areas programme.

The Opportunity Areas programme was announced in October 2016, initially identifying six areas with a further six announced in January 2017. The primary purpose of Opportunity Areas is to focus local and national resources on a common goal - to increase social mobility.

Opportunity Areas are a place-based approach involving the whole education community, from early years to employment, in the areas of the country where social mobility is lowest. Local stakeholders have worked with the Department for Education to use their collective energy, ideas and resources to give children and young people greater opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Each of the 12 Opportunity Areas have developed distinctive approaches to the social mobility challenges in their place – you can read the ambitions for each place in the original delivery plans at

The collective approaches to some of the key challenges experienced by children, families and education providers in the East Anglia region can be found on this hub – the “Big Ideas” that local leaders developed, and case studies that show how the impact of these big ideas was experienced by the children, practitioners and organisations that benefited from them.