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THRIVE Approach Online

Thrive-Online is a unique system for screening, action-planning and monitoring identifying the social and emotional development needs of children and young people in setting.


Head Teachers / School Leaders, School Teachers, Trusts


Early Years, Inclusion and SEND, Mental Health and Wellbeing


Whole School

Why was the project needed?

The benefits of Thrive include :

  • The ability to identify social and emotional development needs by screening individual children and groups.
  • Being able to select suitable activities for groups of children that fit with your curriculum plans and support age appropriate development.
  • The creation action plans for individual children to help them make up for any gaps or interruptions in their social and emotional learning.
  • Charting the progress of both individuals and groups over time.

What happened and what was the impact?

Virtual training delivered by accredited trainer and access to online screening tool. Thrive courses involve a variety of teaching methods including practitoner-led discussions, experiential and collaborative learning, practical workshops, role play and online activities


Ingredients For Success

  • Cost – online training and annual access to screening tool.
  • Human capacity – screening children, online training.
  • Data consent.

How is the Project Sustainable

The project continues through the use of cascaded learning.

What are the Long Term Impacts

Research from Thrive suggests:

Thrive closes the gap for vulnerable children across a range of measures including attainment, behaviour, relationships, self-confidence and attendance. (Rose, McGuire-Snieckus, Wood (2015). Independent Impact Report. Bath: Bath Spa University).

 Thrive helps to develop resilience in young people. (Hart A, Heaver B (2015). Resilience Approaches to Supporting Young People’s Mental Health: Appraising the Evidence Base for Schools and Communities. Brighton: University of Brighton/Boingboing.

Staff using the Thrive Approach feel more equipped to manage behaviour and better able to support more vulnerable children. (Office for Public Management (2013). Therapeutic early interventions to prevent school exclusion and truancy: evaluation of three contemporaneous projects. London: Office for Public Management).

Area Most Impacted

Mental Health Wellbeing

See how others have implemented this Big Idea

Embedding Thrive - Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior School

Anna Catlin, Assistant Headteacher at Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior School, talks about how they have embedded the Thrive approach and created a Thrive Hub.

Implementing the Thrive approach - The Free School Norwich

School staff underwent training in the Thrive approach and Senior Leadership Team Thrive training funded by the Norwich Opportunity Area (NOA) and then implemented the Thrive approach at The Free School Norwich to benefit the emotional and social needs of its pupils.

Thrive - Happy Tots Pre-School

After completing the Thrive training we have been supporting a small number of children with targets to support their wellbeing and their resilience.

Thrive Awareness Course - Morland Primary

The Pastoral Care Manager and myself went on a Thrive awareness course, one of the hour-long sessions, and came away convinced that was what we needed at Morland CEVC Primary School. It evolved from a wider issue concerning attainment and barriers to learning.

Next steps to do something similar yourself

These are a list of Big Idea resources that you can use to implement in your setting:

Information about Thrive can be found on their website:

Information about Thrive-online can be found here:

You can read case studies and testimonials from Thrive here:

Impact Evaluation of Thrive

What Difference Does Thrive Make

Read the EEF Guidance Report on Social and Emotional Learning here

Read the EEF Guidance Report on Improving Behaviour here

Read the EEF Guidance Report on SEND in Mainstream Schools here

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