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These resources were created by ICAN in 2019 to support Communication Champions to cascade their learning from the Communication Champion Training, to their colleagues and other local settings.

Communication Champion Cascading Resources

The training handbook has all the information you need to know about the training package, including information about the structure of the package and the timings of the session. Please read through the handbook before delivering the training.

Handbook: Training Sessions for Cascading plus-icon minus-icon

1. CORE - Basic/Universal plus-icon minus-icon

1.1 Speech, Language and Communication

1.2 Identification and Assessment of Speech, Language and Communication Needs

1.3 The Communication Environment

1.4 Strategies and Support for Speech, Language and Communication Needs

2. A Step Further - Intermediate plus-icon minus-icon

2.1 Attention, Listening and Understanding

2.2 Vocabulary and Expressive Language

2.3 Speech Sounds and Involving Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

3. A Whole Setting Change - Advanced plus-icon minus-icon