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Our Approach

#802 Year 6-7 Transition Camp – Thorpe St Andrew School & Sixth Form

Kris Hart, Thorpe St Andrew School & Sixth Form

What did we do?

We put on a 3 day summer camp filled with timetabled activities where they can meet their new year group, learn about the school site and meet key staff members.

“We had lots of amazing feedback. The timing of the camp means the Year 7’s are prepared and excited for their first week at school. They are also aware of our aims, beliefs and routines at the school”

Kris Hart

Summary of impact

Pupils who were nervous or anxious had the support and experience they needed before day 1. The year group knew staff, each other and the site meaning they could concentrate on their new high school and education from the start. The camp also gave parents peace of mind and support and the opportunity to learn about the school day before the real term started.

Steps taken

We created a tailor made “fun” timetable with fun, team building lessons with selected and expertise staff.

What would we do differently

Not much, it went really well!


Staffing costs and resource costs. Staffing was the main cost which we covered ourselves from our general summer camps funds which we ran for the summer holidays in the build up to this event.

See how others have implemented this Big Idea

Common Transfer Document (Improving Transition info sharing at Year 6-7)

Primary and secondary schools have different approaches to sharing information about Year 6 students moving up to year 7 and this information can be used in different ways.

Admission Event for Parents (Transition Year 6-7)

A survey of Norwich Opportunity Area primary school parents found that 23% did not feel they had enough information about local secondary schools before they had to apply to them.

Primary/Secondary Interschool Visits (Year 6-7 Transition)

Every Norwich Opportunity Area (NOA) secondary school was asked to arrange a day to invite primary school teachers into their school and observe Y7 lessons. The lessons had to include maths and English and at least one other subject.

Primary School Parent Information Evenings (Year 6-7 Transition)

An information evening event for Y6 parents around the time secondary schools are allocated. These events were a chance to discuss the concerns parents have, as well as set realistic expectations for them on the secondary school experience.

Summer Schools (Transition Year 6-7)

Many Year 6 students had their learning disrupted over the 2020 Summer Term. This included disruption to the usual transition planning and activities before they moved to Year 7 in a new school. Schools told us that some students had poor well-being and were anxious about moving schools.


Thorpe St Andrew School & Sixth Form

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