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Our Approach

#805 Putting “Five to Thrive” into practice

Chris Barton

What did we do?

Practitioners from the setting took part in training about the Five to Thrive principals and how to use them in practice.

The setting manager met with the family to explain the principals of Five to Thrive. She says “I explained about the different areas of the brain work and used the example of ‘flipping the lid’ example. I assured them that by using the Five to Thrive building blocks they can get the lid back on so they can then engage him and get to the point of talking. We also discussed their own stress levels and how that can have an impact on the children and how important it is to self- regulate to co-regulate with the children. Dad particularly took this on board as he struggles to be patient and deal with the behaviour as it escalates his stress levels very quickly. He said he would feedback on how they had used Five to Thrive blocks and strategies at home.”

“We were able to use the principals of Five to Thrive to support a family where the children were exhibiting difficult and dangerous behaviours following the training.”

Setting staff

Summary of impact

The setting is endeavouring to do more around this kind of strategy, and are hosting Five to Thrive workshops to help other parents as well.


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