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Our Approach

#207 Working with a Digital Marketing Company to raise aspirations

Katie White, Programme Manager Norwich Opportunity Area Team

What did we do?

The Norwich Opportunity Area (NOA) worked with a local digital marketing company, FLOCC, to create a campaign to build awareness and excitement around careers and aspirations in Norwich.

Summary of impact

The video production team collected over 150 videos from young people and adults in Norwich. This included videos of up to a minute each as well as edited shorter 15 second clips. Please hover your cursor over the top right hand bar icon on the video window above and you can access the fromNorwich Playlist that includes 16 different videos. Alternatively, copy the URL link and go directly to the fromNorwich You Tube channel.

A professional photographer also visited one of the filming locations for use throughout the campaign. The campaign was promoted on Instagram, Facebook and via posters and local media and participating companies and organisations.

Steps taken

Creation of online marketing resources, to gather over a hundred videos to initially ‘seed the campaign’, creation of a website to host all video content captured and creation and use of a set of stills to produce a printed campaign for use around the city. Videos answered the question of what someone wants/wanted to be when they grew up and for adults to say what they do currently. The website and marketing encourages participation through Instagram for parents and young people to say what they want to be when they grow up.

What would we do differently

The big challenge is on engagement and people accessing and using the resources – this is not simply a project for the launch but to create knowledge and understanding the right areas to build engagement over time. We would encourage commissioners to share widely with colleagues and mention alongside other careers websites.


The project was funded by the NOA team. See Community Innovation Fund Big Idea page for more information on costs.

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World Of Work - Catton Grove Primary

WOW Catton Grove provided young people, parents and their extended community with an awareness, knowledge and ownership of the ‘world of work’ within their neighbourhood and beyond. We ran 3 sessions; 'WOW Treasure Hunt' to explore what local jobs makes their neighbourhood 'tick' today.

Parent Engagement with Careers and Aspirations

There is a wealth of evidence that the earlier children and young people are exposed to different types of career, the more likely they are to have broader aspirations for their future selves and are less likely to avoid certain career routes based on stereotypes.