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WellComm Assessment Tool

WellComm is a toolkit designed to help early years settings identify children from six months to six years old who might be experiencing delays with speech and language. It can then help put immediate interventions into place, while waiting for a more formal assessment


Parent and Toddler/Community Group Leaders, Settings & Early Years Practitioners


Early Years, Language Development


Whole School

Why was the project needed?

The screening tool enables evaluation of each child’s language skills and draws up a detailed profile of need. From these profiles it can be decided who will be monitored within each setting or who needs to be referred to an external support. We currently have 41 settings using WellComm throughout the Opportunity Area.

What happened and what was the impact?

WellComm operates a simple traffic light system of banding children in one of three categories. Green means no intervention is currently required, amber means extra support and intervention and red means consider referral to a specialist service for further advice and give extra support and intervention.  After assessment, we put in place immediate interventions for those who don’t achieve the green band. We look at the results to see areas where there are groups of children who need to work on the same targets.

WellComm comes with The Big Book of Ideas, a collection of over 1,000 play-based activities, effective in meeting the individual needs identified during the screening process.


How did you measure success?

On-going. WellComm offers a cluster report function where evaluation and baseline assessment data can be reviewed regularly for those settings involved in the project.

Benefits of WellComm

  • Helps to quickly identify two, three and four year olds with speech and language development issues.
  • The Big Book of Ideas ensures intervention resources are readily available to move children forward immediately.
  • Traffic light system means it is easy to spot where children are struggling and monitor progress.
  • Shows ways of developing the curriculum to support speech, language and communication in a meaningful way through an increased awareness of children’s needs.
  • Evidence based assessment which supports referrals to speech therapy services and enhances language programmes in place for children with speech, language and communication difficulties.


Ingredients For Success

  • Purchase of WellComm package and online data assessment tool.
  • Human capacity – assessing each child.
  • Data consent sharing.

Area Most Impacted

Early Years

Next steps to do something similar yourself

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